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Thursday, 10 July 2014 09:08

Some might say that it’s a typical sign of my generation – attached at the thumb to our smart phones, constantly distracted over choosing not to engage in reality. Every time I step foot into a business, I always take out my Phone. But if you could see the screen, you’d know I am simply checking into my Yelp application – ready to soak in the experience I’m about to have, so I can blog about it later for the masses. Yelping has changed the way I approach interacting with our businesses.

Don’t just be another (non)face in the crowd

Be sure to complete a user profile and tell me a little about you – especially what type of stuff you like, (helpful when you’re reviewing the businesses. A pro Yelper recommends that you always show off your face. It gives you street cred to other Yelpers, as well as Yelp businesses. Would you take a review seriously if the reviewer had a picture of their dog? I sure wouldn’t. But I would believe someone who is confident in their review enough to show their face.

Let’s be friends

Just like other social networks, it’s more fun when you have friends. Friend people you think have interesting reviews that fit your interests. Add friends from Facebook! Use the member search or the Invite Friends feature to add to our list. You can also connect your Yelp to Facebook – so you can tell your Facebook friends when you’ve checked into a business or want to share your reviews.

Don’t be only a LIKER, write a review

It's part of the fun, Yelp is about participating in the reviews. Take a spin around and get to know what others typically write about. Then, make sure you go into an experience with as much of an unbiased view as possible, and just enjoy it. For example, when dining I sometimes I take notes throughout the meal so I don’t forget anything. I like my dining reviews to cover the following: menu variety, food taste, service, price, waiting time/time for food delivery, ambiance, and bathrooms (always the bathrooms). But you can do it however way you want – as long as you just write!. leaving it blank will not only get you removed from the front page of that busines, but yelp! it self.

Don’t just stick to one style of review

I often get stuck in the restaurant review cycle – I feel like I rarely review something that isn’t food-related. But when looking for services and non-dining businesses, I also look to Yelp. So be sure to review any and all businesses that you can contribute recommendations. Have something interesting to say about your eye doctor? Yelp it. Contractor | Plumber | Auto Repair | Home Store | .....

Find your Agenda

The best reviews I’ve read are always written with an agenda behind them. Writing with an angle (or a purpose) will make your reviews engaging – and in my case, helpful! Be known as a connoisseur/ Guru. Write reviews with experiance. Write about something that makes you stand out, and give it sime personality.

Don’t just write what you hate

Sometimes the best reviews are the not positive ones! But No one wants to be Yelp friends with a Debbie Downer. Remember its your street cred as a Yelper is on the line. Tell there customers what you liked about the place – what parts of the menu are great, what wine pairings did the server suggest, etc. Now, if the place merits a terrible review, certainly give it one. However, finding pros and cons to each experience, and adding positive reviews to the mix give you better credit. So even thow you give a low rating don't sound like a Debbie Downer.

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