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Friday, 06 July 2012 19:59

1. Plan. Choose your goal and create an offer, show off your new products.

SM-Wall.jpg2. Publish. Publish it on Facebook • Google plus • Yelp and share your social campaign to your email subscribers (bigbigmail), fans, and followers on twitter.

3. Promote. Complete simple follow-up tasks to drive traffic to your campaign. For Best results use Bluebrad (SEO Services)



Before you start your social campaign you’ll want to think about your overall goal. Maybe you’re looking to get more sales, get more attendees to your events or maybe you just want to build up your Social network Fans.

Whatever your vision of success, having this goal in mind makes it easier for you to choose the template best suited to help you accomplish it. Then you’ll be able to create an offer designed to get people to act.
Using every single social media platform in existence is not a good idea.

There are, quite literally, thousands of social networks in the world. A lot of people struggle with trying to keep up with knowing all of them, let alone maintaining a presence on several of them.

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Don’t do several. Do 2 or 3 — Twitter, Facebook, a local network, plus your website. Promote only those networks, and nothing more. Don’t get distracted by what’s new, what your customers are playing with, or what you’re hearing about on the tech news. Stick with the two or three you know best.

Remember, you want to fish where the fish are. And right now, for the forseeable future, the fish are on Facebook | Twitter & Google. You can scoop up a couple extra fish in a network net, but you want to focus on Facebook as a way to drive people to your location & to your website.

By avoiding this social media marketing mistakes on your networking sits help your customers find you more easily, connect with them, and get them more interested in doing business with you.



Step 1. Creating your Facebook Page






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