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Do not order from ethosn.site or from chequen.site
i order a 15″ mobile touch display and they send me a broken phone stand.

there paypal name email are Ario Trae arioonlineserviceteam@gmail.com

do not order form them its nothing but a scam

3 thoughts on “Fraud Alert

  1. Dido’s here. Same thing happened to me except I ordered 2 15″ touch displays and they sent me a cheap laptop cooling stand. Contesting it through my CC company now.

    Stay away from ethosn.site or “chequen”. Chequen is the name they have on their ethosn.site site.

    1. This is one reason why I only will use PayPal.
      Chequen told me to send back the cheap $1 phone stand to them for a 85% refund and they will not refund shipping.
      What a joke. I showed paypal and without the reply from Chequen paypal refunded me in full and blocked there account on paypal. Thats a small win against these scammers.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I saw the ad in Instagram for this site. I bought an adjustable desk and I received a broken phone stand. It came from Jason Gao, 59 Kunlun Avenue, Yubei, Chongqing, Chongqing.

    The nerve of these people scamming people, and they had their website in Instagram which would look legit.

    Phone: 8613608441313.

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