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Do not order from any of the sites on this list.

ill update this has i find them

--- 2020-08-12

i order a 15″ mobile touch display and they send me a broken phone stand.

there paypal name email are Ario Trae arioonlineserviceteam@gmail.com

do not order form them its nothing but a scam
hosted with


— Example order

This item never arrived. What i got was a $1 item phone stand.

--- Update 2020-11-03

From what I now understand. the seller is hoping it will pass on the payment to your bank. but what they don’t understand is the consumer has protection against this type of scam.
Please contact your bank and get the charges retracted. Use this page as evidence if you need.

add to there hosted fraud

hosted with Alibaba.com

--- Update 2020-11-24

looks like the moved to a new host here in the US


i have emailed them letting them know about this scam

--- Update 2020-11-28

Do not pay to the email of arioonlinecustomercaresteam@gmail.com on paypal or Square or Vennmo

--- Update 2020-12-04

New domain found

please report mail fraud to there registrar gqz@cndns.com


--- Update 2020-12-18

The FTC has come up with some guidelines you should fallow https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/blog/2020/12/all-i-want-christmasis-what-i-ordered?utm_source=govdelivery

    • Confirm that the seller is legit. Read reviews and recommendations about the product, seller, and warranties from sources you trust. Look for reviews about their reputation and customer service, and be sure you can contact the seller if you have a dispute.
    • ’Twas the night before? Look carefully at the shipping date before you order. If there’s no date given, the seller has 30 days to ship. If you’re notified about a delay in shipping, you have the right to cancel the order and get a full refund. If you decide to cancel, let the seller know right away so you won’t be billed.
    • Give them some credit. If possible, pay with a credit card — that gives you many protections under the law. If you pay with a credit card, you may be able to dispute certain charges — and temporarily withhold payment for those charges pending an investigation.
    • Track — and guard — your delivery. Keep a record of your order, including tracking numbers. That way you can see where your stuff is in the shipping process. Also, consider having your items held at the post office or delivered to a family member or neighbor in case you’re not home. Some companies have their own secure locations where you can have your merchandise delivered. This protects you from having some Grinch steal your holiday right from your doorstep.
    Scam Tags: Avoiding Scams
--- Update 2021-01-04

another site found nozdy.com same scam and facebook ads and twitter https://twitter.com/NozdyEmpire

--- UPDATE 2021-01-12

added more to this list and now 

Pleasant Green  is on the task of taking them down
--- UPDATE 2021-02-17
im seeing that shoplazza.com will not take down the fake sites.
if you see powered by shoplazza.com please do not order from this site.
shoplazza.com Dues not seam to care at all.

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  1. Dido’s here. Same thing happened to me except I ordered 2 15″ touch displays and they sent me a cheap laptop cooling stand. Contesting it through my CC company now.

    Stay away from ethosn.site or “chequen”. Chequen is the name they have on their ethosn.site site.

    1. This is one reason why I only will use PayPal.
      Chequen told me to send back the cheap $1 phone stand to them for a 85% refund and they will not refund shipping.
      What a joke. I showed paypal and without the reply from Chequen paypal refunded me in full and blocked there account on paypal. Thats a small win against these scammers.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I saw the ad in Instagram for this site. I bought an adjustable desk and I received a broken phone stand. It came from Jason Gao, 59 Kunlun Avenue, Yubei, Chongqing, Chongqing.

    The nerve of these people scamming people, and they had their website in Instagram which would look legit.

    Phone: 8613608441313.

      1. Me too!!! I got a watch which doesn’t work and has no place to change the battery… So weird, what the heck??

  3. definitely a scam company i ordered shoe storage and received cheap plastic shoe stretchers. They were trying to get me to keep the stretchers and were offering me various percentages of refunds. when i. asked for a returns label they said “shipping is very expensive, please keep the item and we will refund xx %”. blamed the courier for sending the wrong item!!!!!

    1. please contact your card processor and show them the documentation.
      im trying to get their site takin offline.
      there committing mail fraud.

  4. Same for me. I bought a Journey Life like Baby Doll 17″ or 19″ long. I waited months and just got a 5″ plastic play doll that I could have gotten in a local $1 store here. I am so mad and have contacted Pay Pal to get my money back.

    I ordered 4 reborn dolls as Christmas gifts, received 1 extremely cheap toy that has dollarstore quality. When I tried to claim it through PayPal, they denied my claim. I’m out $60

    1. Did you show them the listing and a photo of what you got?
      you can still appeal and see if you can help take them down.
      i don’t understand why paypal dues not BAN them.
      you may not get your money back but you can get justice.

  6. 福建笃立网络科技有限公司.
    is also a site they run.
    i ordered 20 wooden cat furniture and got 1 piece of cloth (that is how i got the name and adress) not even worth 20 cents, now they try to bribe me in buying the cloth (kept all emails)

    1. I ordered cat scratch furniture worth over 100usd and received a cheap pet t-shirt. I hope I get my money back from paypal.

  7. Same hapoened to me. I ordered a folding work table. Two and a hakf months later, a small packet arrives with countersink drill bits. Its a huge scam. They are low life scumbags

  8. Wow, same happened to me. I ordered and paid for a folding work bench in August 2020. After several email contacts with arioonlinecustomercaresteam in which they blamed the courier and COVID 19 for the delay I received a pack of countersink drill bits. I was told that if I returned the drill bits at my own expense I would receive my refund. The alternative was a 40% refund. I am still in contact with Ario Trae as they have since offered a 42% refund, yesterday a 50% refund and today a 52% refund. ARO TRAE have also kindly stated. “You can keep the product or give it to other friends or family in need.”

    Here is a copy of yesterday’s email to me. Sit down as you may laugh and possibly fall over or even wet yourself.

    Dear friend,

    We did not expect you to be so dissatisfied with this shopping experience.

    We have tried to compensate you as much as we can.

    This incident also taught us profound lessons!

    In order to punish ourselves and to better compensate you, now we are willing to give you a 50% refund and you can keep the product or give it to others.

    what do you think? Looking forward to your reply.

    I am left speechless but I am not giving up.

  9. Same thing here..I order a cat tree, treadmill and 10 shoes boxes for $40 I never received, they give me a fake tracking number and PayPal denied my case. I call my bank I hope they give me my money back. I dont understand why paypal denied my case when they know this a scam.

    1. you should recontact paypal
      let them know about this post
      they cant deny you the clame
      you never got your product
      that is mail fraud

      1. I have submitted a complaint to PayPal, what bothers me the most is this is now the third company to do this – PayPal is very diligent about investigating it but Ario and it’s associated companies are finding ways to get around it and we have to stop them… I looked up their site and found the IP – with a reverse look up you can see that they have 20 other sites on that server so it’s pretty scary how much they are scamming people.
        Here is the Whois lookup

        1. i have also done the same thin and also called there hosting providers. it looks like they would need to take legal action.
          what i don’t get is why paypal is still allowing transactions.

  10. Today i receved a pet cloting, which i did not order and try to find out where it came from. I found this site when i put the name from sender on the internet. One person here is talking about a cat tread mill and That is Just what i ordered a few month ago, so probably scam from That order….it doesnt even fit my cat

    And the site is gone….

  11. Same guy sending stuff from https://www.zxuybqes.site/
    Received a plastic watch instead of order
    2 months over land via Belarus & Russia.
    Jason Gao, 59 Kunlun Avenue, Yubei, Chongqing
    Blames his shipping agent but wont refund. Surprisingly still active on email.
    Website look and feel as the others

  12. 3 Months ago I had ordered a folding sofabed from Atmosp.site . I don’t remember well if I had found this on Instragram or Facebook. Today I have received a watch from this contact Jason Gao. For me it is a terrible joke from him side. Hope someone will stop this fake orders soonest!!!

  13. Me too. I just got a watch from address “Jason Gao, 59 Kunlun Avenue, Yubei, Chongqing, Chongqing”. But I had ordered a hard drive for pc.

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