Scam and how it works

So I analyzed and tracked how the scam works.

TLDR it’s a scam! They’re tracking who and what information they get. ID and password login is the first part. They want you to setup an ID and password on their system. They will try that ID and password on your bank’s and other bitcoin accounts.

This is one reason why you never reuse a password.

the second part is your phone number. they add you to a calling list! and now you get more than ever, calls about bitcoin and crypto currency.

Part three is where you are tricked to sending the fake wallet money, BTC. it request you to sent .0001 BTC and you do get it so “Wow it looks real” you say. here is the trick. in order to get the rest of the coin out of the account you need to make the amount higher to export “You set a minimum of 18.068 to withdraw” notice. so you will now deposit .0699 BTC back to the account. there is the gotcha. you now just sent more then you took and the account is now locked out.

Please do not send money to the account. it is a scam. but here is what you can do. get a google number and what for more of there emails to get the 5-10 bucks you can. and never send it back.

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