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I Bluebrad specializes in converting any image into vector art.

I'm the first to offer this service outside of vendor art departments.

My artwork services include logo redraw, eps vector art, custom artwork and converting any image or sketch to camera ready/Vector art.

The benefit to my distributors is my ability to convert problematic artwork into a usable format in a timely and cost effective manner.

I can return same-day artwork, in as little as 4 hours, with a 99% accuracy rate.

Logo Vectorization services – Pricing

This is to show the complexidy of your design your looking for by time rate

Type 1 - Logo w/ text

Simple logos with company name only

 Service Time 3 Days Next Day  Next Day AM  Same Day (5-8 hours)
Rate $30  $45  $75  $100



Type 2 - Design layout

Detailed logos with multiple images, copy & company name.

Service Time  3 Days Next Day  Next Day AM Same Day (5-8) Hours
Rate  $60  $85  $140  $180



Type 3 - Complex Artwork

Complex designs like "four color process", images with many colors, gradient & separations.

Service Time  3 Days Next Day  Next Day AM Same Day (3-4) Hours
Rate  $85  $120 $180  $200



Type 4 - Custome Vector

Very Complex artwork, which may contain multiple logos or characters. Artwork will be reviewed and Price and delivery date will be determined based on the review. We will contact you regarding this job within 24 hours.

Service Time 1 Week 3 Days
 Next Day
Next Day AM
Rate  $180  $230 $290  $300

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