Eric A Sears - Problem

Written by webmaster.

Back on November of 2014 Eric A Sears entered VE SIGNS. Upon Doing So Handed me a business card with his information apon it. i saw that he offered web services and design services. so when i saw this i took down his email and using my automated email sent him a email letting him know about me and my service. 

well lets just say... i wish he would of contacted me, instead he slandered my name on yelp and VE Signs on yelp.

so im asking that any of my friend or customer also flag his post there was nothing wrong on sending 3 email with different content with no intent of re sending emails if i never got a reply.

here is his information.

Eric A Sears
legendary entertainment group
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

19510 Van Buren Blvd Suite F3-432 Riverside, Ca 92508 - not a office that is a PO box! 

as reported me to godaddy as a SCAM Spammer and godaddy with out a human looking over the clam with a automated system is know pushing me to take a settlement of $75 (im saying extortion!)

with him failing to acceped the signed verified collections im now adding $652 to the bill.

so i paid and now will reviews and service to eric a sears.

hes as posted as a fake name on YELP! - Michael S.
VE SIGNS is where i do sign and graphic design. websites and email services are not related to his mass clam!


(this page will be removed if all posts FAULTS clams are removed)