Web Site Maintenance Packages

Written by webmaster.

Although CMS systems and websites can be easy to maintain, some website owners may not want the responsibility. If this is the case, i can help you maintain and update your website for a nominal price. You provide me with the new information, and i will make sure your website is current. Most packages can be purchased in blocks of hours that are used monthly. Not only am i maintaining your website I'm including your social networking sites (Facebook, Yelp, Google plus, ....).

Services Included With $25 per Project*:

  • Up-to 2 pages of static content applied you must supply all images and artwork and text content (PLAGIARISM IS NOT A OPTION)
  • $5 Per every additional page including but not subject to same page updates.
  • Extra artwork changes - $12 Per images
  • For products/shopping cart item - $3 per item (images must be provided PLAGIARISM IS NOT A OPTION) {only applies to E-commerce}

*All prices and services listed on this page are subject to change at any time with out notice, Bluebrad reserves the right to adjust prices as needed on a per client basis per project.