I now offer team banner designs and printing.

A complete professional, easy-to-maintain, and feature-rich website that functions on bothe moble and desktop browsers.ƒ‚‚ Bluebrad offers a few different website packages, each designed to best suite you depending on your needs. Each monthly service package, includes standard services, such as web hosting, e-mail, support in addition to several additional benefits. Fallow my Facebook for service information, updates and deals. All service come with SSL carts for allowed domains, Fraud protection & much more


Business Cover Page W/Email
$ 15 Monthly
  • One Time Setup Fee of $350
  • Singe Static Page HTML ONLY
  • 1 Email Account
  • SSL Certificate
  • Basic Site Traffic Tracking
  • Daily Backups


Business / Blog / Influencer
$ 30 Monthly
  • One Time Setup Fee of $1,000
  • CMS system Ex: WordPress | Joomla | Drupal ...
  • 10 Static Web Pages
  • 3 Email Inbox Accounts - 10 Forwarding
  • SSL Certificate
  • Upto 3 Small Change Request per week*
  • List Item
  • Site Traffic Tracking
  • Daily Backups


Sale your items or services
$ 220 Quarterly
  • One Time Setup Fee of $5,700
  • - everything from standard plus the items below
  • Help with set up of 50 product posts*
  • 10 Email Inbox Accounts - Unlimited Forwarding
  • CMS system Ex: WordPress Woocommerce | OPENCART | Square cart
  • Email marketing campain demos setup with MailChimp*

Free Business website

Get your free business website at Bizsite.biz

  • Free *.bizsite.biz domain
  • 50mb of HTML hosting space
  • Pre-generated single page landing page
All Website packages come with
  • Daily and Bi-weekly backups (helps against cyber attacks/ or human errors )
  • Spam Removal
  • Weekly and Monthly traffic tracking statcounter.com and google analytics
  • Discounts on print service (goprintfactory.com)
  • help with content management {you provide written content}

~ All service require a 1 year commit contract, a deposit of 50% for work commence. If you wish to be self hosted (you provide hosting), backups and maintenance services will not be provided in your package. you will need to pay for this separately. 

Contact ME

* Extra Charges My Apply or you may need to order extra services.

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What is Fraud Protection?

Online fraud: Increased threats in a real-time world
The Internet has become one of the most popular mediums used to commit fraud due to the growth of online shopping. Businesses operating Online and their customers are vulnerable to online fraud when criminals keep getting more clever with their hacking skills, from malicious malware to phishing schemes. I have a method of protecting your website and domain against the tack of fraud. The first is to contact me before you do any online business regarding your business online.

Can i edit my site on my own?

Yes: Upon the day of the website launch you will be provided with admin access. Allowing you to make any changes you wish.
Along with admin access to the website you will also have access to your web hosting panel.

Can i use my own email service?

Yes: The emails I provide are for your convenience. If you provide your own email service there is no price difference. But you do become fully responsible for all business emails. I will provide basic setup on an external system.

What is a SSL Certificate?

This is a Certificate authenticating your domain with the server its hosted on. This also allows the server to share protected information, such as login and shopping cart data.

Helps protect your clients from data theft.

Can you maintain and manage my socal media?

Yes: But there is a cost for this service starting at $400 per month. see above details.

Can you manage my sales?

NO: I only provide the setup of your online store. I can provide Basic training on how to use the system. It is your business and i will need to differ you to hiring some one to manage your online sales full time. Remember opening an online store is similar to opening a public location but missing the in person interactions.

Email management and responding?

NO: I only provide email hosting and setup.

How do i access my email?

you can visit mail.(yourdomain) and log in using your full email and provided a password.

setting up POP and Imap use:

143 TSL

pop port 110

25 default
465 tts
587 ssl

IMAP: panel.bluebrad.net 143 TSL
POP: panel.bluebrad.net 
SMTP: panel.bluebrad.net 25


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Fraud Alert

Do not order from ethosn.sitechequen.sitefyfrbby.top i order a 15″ mobile touch display and they send me a broken phone stand. there paypal name email are

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Connect Using WebDAV to bluebrads services

How to Connect to WebDAV Servers Using: Windows Open the Start MenuRight click on “Computer” or “My Computer”Select “Map Network Drive”Enter “https://bluebrad.synology.me/your-folder-name” for the WebDAV

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