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I'm Bluebrad

(Bradley Smith) I’m your creative specialist that can solve most of your business advertising and marketing needs. Helping you determine what your business needs to deliver the performance needed to succeed.


So i just got a letter about my domain expiring, and this company Domain Registry https://giv.com/ Says i need to pay them to renew my

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Fraud Alert

Do not order from ethosn.site or from chequen.site i order a 15″ mobile touch display and they send me a broken phone stand. there paypal

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Connect Using WebDAV to bluebrads services

How to Connect to WebDAV Servers Using: Windows Open the Start MenuRight click on “Computer” or “My Computer”Select “Map Network Drive”Enter “https://bluebrad.synology.me/your-folder-name” for the WebDAV

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Videos for Edmar Insurance

Whating Room Screen Facebook Cover Whating Room Screen Facebook Cover image Facebook Cover image Instagram Post Instagram Post Instagram Post Facebook Cover image

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