DO NOT WORK WITH Sugars Famous Cookies

2020-02-16 - Contacted but is saying he will not pay?

If your a designer, do not work with Sugars Famous Cookies. You may never get paid.

I have tried to work with Sugar Jackson to get paid and he tries to pawn it of on some one els like its there responsibility. Sorry that is not how it works when you own the business.

Update - 2022-02-19

I attempted to contact Sugar Jackson once more in an effort to resolve the outstanding payment issue. However, he responded by using offensive language and treating me as if I was at fault. I have now decided to take legal action and pursue a lien on his business until I receive the compensation owed to me. This will result in a mark on his business record, indicating his debts and past behavior, which will be known to other businesses.

Update - 2022-03-15

Sugar Jackson is a tricky person to get a signed, verified letter to. I have already paid $45 for an attorney to write and send him a final notice, but the address that his business is connected to was fake/he was not located there. The problem is that it will cost me another $45 to send it again. I have decided to continue posting on my site, notifying others of his background and address other designers to get me paid before they start working with him.

Sugar continues to utilize my packaging designs without paying me.

Additionally, I have invested countless hours in research and development for display building and prototyping, yet I have not received any form of remuneration for my efforts. Despite this, he refuses to make payment and instead places the blame on his former partner, Barry.

Caution: He engages in theft from graphic designers. The original printer I utilized for printing the packages has also imposed a block on him, forcing him to seek alternative options.

Furthermore, the packages he is using are labeled as “Chocolate Chip,” which violates food and health regulations as the ingredients label is incorrect.

This cookie wraper deisgn was never paid for.

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