How to Deal with Clients with Crazy Suggestions

You may ignore it but deep down your heart, you know that the design is extremely ordinary, if not awful to look at. Now do not blame you squarely for that. As we are into the same field, we all know how hard it is to give perfect shape to a design when the client is interrupting all the time or making all sorts of suggestions, which are somewhat not possible unless you leave your human existence. Yes, it drives us crazy and you might feel the urge to yell at someone nearby in utter frustration when you look at the final outcome, which could be just like this –

But this is not the case always. There are some glaring or glowing examples of great web designs where client’s suggestions did work. See things this way. Since we are all human beings, we cannot be right (as a designer) or wrong (clients of course) always.

Learn From Experience

If you are a seasoned designer, you might possess the divine knowledge of judging the fate of a project at the very early stage. If you spot any signs of a project to be victim of bad decision, you should take a firm stance at the very onset. When you start feeling that your client is making you compromise on the colors, font or other things that could spell doom for your design project, you need to make it clear to your client that he is wrong though not directly. You need to make the client see the other side of things by letting them know that there decision is going to get the whole project shut down. However, if the client is adamant and threatens to stop the project, you should maintain silence unless you do not care much about losing the client.

Draw A Line

You need to draw a line between insanity and argument. If you feel that the suggestions or the arguments of the client hold some water, you need to take criticism into grace and try your level best to make whatever amendment possible. However, if you feel that suggestions are no better than insanity, you should never go down to the stupid suggestions of clients. However, I am not asking you to confront him headlong rather try to be reasonable with him by showing him a preview of the future. Tell him straight that you have been working on the same thing for the past few years and you know what is write and wrong to stop the nagging client from intervening in the project all the time.

Sometimes, clients themselves do not have any clear idea of what they want but they still feel, as they are clients, they should intervene whenever possible. If this is the case, you need to make him clear that you have got enough projects in your hands and therefore, you do not have enough time in your hands to entertain all his fancy ideas. Let him find another service provider if he refuses to budge. It is better to concentrate on other projects rather than getting yourself busy with some unproductive and fruitless tasks.

Do not Ignore Him Completely

Sometimes, it good to make somebody appear that you are all ears. It is like making him believe that you are taking care of all his suggestions but when you are paying little attention to. However, try this small trick – try to accommodate one or two of his weird suggestions into the design, it will make him feel good and at the same time, you would not have to make much compromise on the quality front.

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